VTK 400 Smart

The mold and aluminum parts are eloxal coated. Values can be monitored both numerically and graphically via the touch operator panel, simplifying operations. The pneumatic system, gas pressure, and vacuum values are controlled by sensors on the machine. The operator is directed by warning messages displayed on the panel. The machine is equipped with options for both printed and non-printed film, as well as a photocell system. It offers unlimited mold choices and high performance, thanks to an easy-to-replace mold system. Safety is ensured by compliance with CE & EAC standards. The machine automatically switches to stop mode during the installation of the film or the replacement of the mold, aided by security sensors.

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The mold and aluminum parts are eloxal coated. Values can be monitored numerically and graphically with the touch operator panel and any action can be done easily. The pneumatic system, gas pressure and vacuum values are controlled by sensors on the machine and operator is directed by warning massage on display. The machine has printed film non-printed film options and photocell system. It provides unlimited mold choice and high performance with the easy to replace mold system. Safety is provided by CE&EAC standards. It automatically switches to stop while installing the film or replacing the mold by the help of security sensors.

Types of packaging

Sealing Only

Packaging products

Dry Fruits And Snacks
Fruits And Vegetables
Ready Meals
Fresh Meats
Cheese And Dairy Products
Cold Meats
Fresh Noodles

Technical Specifications

Tray Options
Sealing Options
Installed Power380v 50 Hz, 16a
Vacuum Pump40 M3
Energy Consumption2,6 Kw
Air PressureMax 6 Bar
Air Consumption8 Lt Cycle
Capacity/min4-10 Process
Machine Dimensions645 X 1290 X 1518 mm
Max. Mold Dimensions400 mm X 310 mm Standard
Weight Net/Packaged180/225 Kg
Max. Plate Depth120 mm
Max. Film Width420 mm
Min. Film Thickness40 Mic
Max. Film Weight12-14 Kg


Vacuumed and gaseous tray sealing feature
Soft vacuuming opportunity with soft air option
5-inch Touch Screen operator panel screen operator panel and adjustable panel box
Aluminum parts are of imported 5083 aluminum (eloxal coated)
Mold system is of imported 7075 aluminum (eloxal coated)
Values are monitored numerically and graphically
Vacuum pump (standard 40 m3)
Error-free mobility with drawers having linear sliding system
Precise measurement with digital vacuum sensor
Possibility of only welding and cutting by one-touch
Stainless steel body of quality 304
Automatic and manual drawer options
8 di­fferent language options
Time saving with pneumatic and quick mold system
Completely cut the film around the plate and does not need extra labor
Energy saving with automatic temperature control system (PID)