Seal and secure your food for delivery, at speed

Seal your food and prepare it for delivery in under two seconds right on your kitchen bench.

The Artisan system provides options to close and seal multiple containers at a time, or individually.

Different shape and size tamper evident containers will help you deliver the food in top shape to your customers.

Use all-paper food container for your entire food menu

Artisan is made from 100% virgin paper and sourced from sustainably managed Scandinavian forests.

They are leak proof, environmentally responsible, and elegant. They are suitable for your entire menu selection; from soups to salads and hot or cold items.

They are grease resistant and recyclable.

Offer the only dual ovenable paper container in takeaway food

The consumer can re-heat their food in a microwave, place it in a 400-degree oven for up to 60 mins, refrigerate or freeze it.

Artisan containers will not lose their functionality, crack, soften or burn.

A venting tab can be opened to allow steam to escape, if desired.

Brand your menu with unmatched print options at no extra cost

The food you prepare is your brand.

Your delivery package does not need to be a commodity. You can have your designs applied on each lid at no extra charge.

You can also choose from 30+ stock designs we carry in our warehouse, if you so decide.

Designed to carry the weight of the food

The takeaway food will reach the consumer in top shape, unopened and in a rigid container designed for this purpose.

It will also maintain its rigidity after opening, due to a reinforced perimeter structure.

Multiple compartments with independent opening features to segregate food items

You can segregate two or three item menus in a container, each having its own opening feature.

The contents across compartments will not mix during delivery as each compartment is sealed and separated from each other.

How we serve you


Same day service

Local supply and inventory management.

We are committed to maintaining packaging and machine stock in the areas we sell. We will be at your location and will deliver during the day you call us.

Start fast and customize as you go.

Our standard tray and lid range covers 30+ choices. We carry all of them in our inventory. Square, rectangle, round, multi-compartment, and baking tray options, all in stock.

We can print custom designs on lids for each of them and we do not charge up for this service.

We will provide you with one bench-top machine to seal it all.

Only one lid sealing machine will be needed for your operation to seal paper lids for all the trays in our range.

However, we offer two sealing machine options. One for multiple or the other for single containers at a time. They are both compact and bench-top size machines.

If you are a high output industrial kitchen, we also have automated machines systems for high output environments.

Tell us more.

We will provide you a designer to help you with your artwork. At no charge.

If you like, we will provide you with the service to get your design ideas and core artwork and we will convert it to a printable output.

We will not charge for this service. We know not every restaurant has this capability at hand.

Superb and simple. Branding possibilities are quite interesting.

Jackie B.
Restaurant Operator

The food arrives in really good shape. No need to transfer to another container or plate. You can directly place into oven or microwave, if you need to heat it up.

Jasmin M.

Until now I had not imagined I could FREEZE my takeaway food in the container it was delivered. The assumption was that either I need to consume it in a day or two, or toss it away.

Amy B.



Restaurants and Virtual Kitchens

Ready Meals at Retail

Catering and Events

Colleges and Universities

Food Processors

Food Delivery

We are Artisans



We work to advance quality of life through responsible packaging.

We believe it all starts with the company and its people choosing a path to deliver continuous improvement, year after year, to reduce impact on the environment, while enhancing value to consumer.

We know this is hard to; but it is the journey we signed ourselves up for.


The paper we use comes from Scandinavian forests. The forest management companies who are our suppliers are among the largest and oldest tenured companies operating in the world; they are renowned for their for sustainable forestry practices.

Dual ovenable paper tray systems for takeaway food have been in wide distribution in Europe for some time, and our team is now working to expand this offering to North America.


“Our company is our product”.

Our business is about servicing you the same day, and how fast we respond to your call, securing the on time supply of containers, providing the sealing equipment you need in your kitchen, our ordering system …

It is also where and how we procure our raw materials, what is the end of life for our packages, how we reduce waste in your operations and how we treat our employees and supply chain partners, and more.

Our company is the product we sell.