TKM 300 Compact

This model is the smallest in the TKM series. Its replaceable mold offers an unlimited array of choices, making it versatile and customizable. The compact structure makes it easy to carry, enhancing its appeal. Capable of performing 15-20 operations per minute, it boasts impressive efficiency. It is suitable for all applications that do not require a vacuum.

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This model is the smallest model of TKM series. As the mold is replaceable, it’s provides unlimited choice of mold automatic and being easy to carry with compact structure makes it preferable. It has the capacity of making 15-20 operation per minute. It can be used in all areas that do not need vacuum.

Types of packaging

Sealing Only

Packaging products

Dry Fruits And Snacks
Fruits And Vegetables
Ready Meals
Fresh Meats
Cheese And Dairy Products
Cold Meats
Fresh Noodles

Technical Specifications

Tray Options
Sealing Options
Installed Power220v 50hz 10A
Energy Consumption1,2 Kw
Air Pressure6 Bars
Air Consumption2.5 Lt Cycle
Capacity/min8-12 Process
Machine Dimensions465 X 740 X 700 mm
Max. Mold Dimensions275 X 258 mm
Weight Net/Gross65 Kg/75 Kg
Max. Plate Depth120 mm
Max. Film Width270 mm
Min. Film Thickness30 mm
Max. Film Weight10 Kg


With its compact structure, the ideal model to use on desk or workbench
15-20 operation per minute and very easy to use
Bottom and upper mold can be replaced
Film system operates automatically
Printed film can be used by placing photocell (optional)
English-Turkish language option
Complete stainless-steel body of quality 304
All aluminum parts are eloxal coated
Mold system is completely coated with teflon
Completely cut the fi­lm around the plate and does not need extra labor
Easy to install ­film and easy to clean
With auto-running mold operating with pneumatic system, it does not require arm strength
Energy saving with automatic digital temperature control system (PID)
Easy to service with the modular electrical system.
2-year warranty
CE&EAC certi­ficate